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Performance & Presentation

Traditional & Contemporary Drumming & Singing
Chantal Chagnon has been performing Traditional and Contemporary Aboriginal music within the local Calgary community since 2009. Occasionally, I am very blessed to perform with a diverse group of women known as "Sisters From Another Mother".  We are able to present and perform for both small and large events.

Strong Women's Song

Women's Warrior Song

WE Day Alberta (2017)

Equinox Vigil

Calgary Lantern Memorial

Carol of the Belles

Femme Wave

Beakerhead - 7 Wonders

Youth Indigenous Conference

Other Events and Links





Land Acknowledgement / Traditional Welcome / Blessings / Prayers / Opening / Closing
Chantal Chagnon has opened many events with a Traditional Welcome, which includes a Cree Welcome song, and honouring the Treaty Lands and People who have kept this land for generations. Beginning events by acknowledging the land upon which we stand and recognizing the families, people and rich history is a respectful and beautiful way to educate and inspire attendees. It grounds people and brings focus on what lay ahead. Traditional teachings, blessings, songs, and stories are a beautiful way to open, or close an event and send people off in a good way.
Meals or refreshments can also be acknowledged at events, by giving thanks and blessing the food and drink, it can bring a deeper level of appreciation. Chantal can offer traditional teachings about the spirit plate to honour our ancestors with a beautiful blessing. We can work within your timeline to create a beautiful moment at your event and a memorable experience for your guests.



Public Speaking / Storytelling / MC
Chantal Chagnon is an engaging Storyteller, Public Speaker and MC. 
Chantal frequently presents to classrooms from preschool to post-secondary levels, community organizations, businesses, and other groups. Chantal shares traditional teachings and discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Drumming & Singing
  • Traditional Stories & Storytelling
  • Culture & History
  • Medicine Wheel Teachings
  • Aboriginal Protocol & Direction
  • Inter-generational Trauma
  • Social Justice & Activism

Chantal can work with you to find the perfect balance and accommodate your event and organizational needs. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Chantal is also a member of The Storytellers of Canada http://www.storytellers-conteurs.ca/en/storytellers-directory/Chantal-Chagnon.html


Storytellers of CanadaAAMAS Conference: http://www.amaas.ca/2017-conference/speakers/

Beakerhead 7 Wonders: https://studiobell.ca/event/beakerhead-seven-wonderers-2/

FIPA Conversation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tc8MYG15i6Q

Local Indigenous Elders
Cree8 can connect you with Local Elders for Prayers, Blessings, and Formal Ceremonies. If you would like to connect with an Elder or require additional information please contact us.

Traditional Dancers
Cree8 can connect you with Traditional dancers for demonstrations and for events. If you would like to book a traditional dancer or require additional information please contact us.


All workshops start with a traditional smudge, prayer, and giving thanks for the materials provided and for the people gathered to learn and teach. We offer workshops on traditional crafts, culture and teachings including:

  • Drumming & Singing
  • Hand Drums & Drum Sticks
  • Métis Fingerweaving
  • Rattles
  • Dream Catchers
  • Medicine Bags
  • Medicine Wheel Teachings
  • Traditional Storytelling
  • Drum Circles
  • Cultural Connectivity
  • Spiritual Healing

Cree8 also offers group workshops to community organizations, church or religious gatherings, schools, corporations and other groups. Workshops can be used for:

  • Drumming & Traditional Songs
  • Community Outreach
  • Learning
  • Team Building
  • Healing
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • New Diverse Experiences
  • and much more...

For additional and more detailed information, or to book a workshop, please contact us. Rates are based on materials and a sliding scale for affordability. Please contact us for additional information on our group rates.




Additional Services 

Graphic & Web Design / Web Page Hosting
Chantal Chagnon has an extensive background in Graphic and Web Design. She has designed many logos, letterhead, business cards, posters, and various print media for individuals, small businesses, events and organizations. Chantal's web design is creative and efficient, where most web design firms may take days to reply, then additional days to send the changes to designers to update pages and implement fixes, Chantal can be contacted directly, responds quickly to email, text or phone calls, and will have your site updated within 24-48 hours. Because she also hosts the sites she designs, it's simple to get a site up and running quickly and efficiently.
Current sites that Chantal hosts and has designed include:

Special Event Coordination and Fundraising
Chantal Chagnon has organized many special events and fundraising events for a number of organizations. No matter the size of the event or budget, Chantal can identify your needs and come up with creative solutions to make the event memorable for years to come. She has an eye for detail and creative ideas to make an event inspiring on a budget.
Chantal Chagnon has organized rallies, marches, and other events for social justice. She has close relationships with local Calgary Police Service Officers to ensure a safe and successful event. She regularly organizes annual rallies for Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, leads marches, sings, drums and speaks at rallies, and believes that anything is possible when we make our voices heard clearly, passionately and respectfully. Chantal has also organized Teach-Ins for Idle No More and other social justice causes, as education and understanding are pivotal in building bridges and creating change.
The largest event to date Chantal has coordinated was the 8th Fire Gathering, was held March 2015 at the University of Calgary. This three-day conference featured incredible speakers, performers, artists, authors, union representatives and more. Over 400 people attended this first-of-its-kind event. Chantal will be hosting the Second 8th Fire Gathering in Ottawa; further details will be posted as they become available.

Media Relations
Chantal Chagnon is well spoken and has been an activist and advocate for her community. Chantal is an engaging public speaker, and has been featured in local television news networks including CBC, CTV, Global, Shaw, CFCN, City, Omni, and more. Chantal has also been featured on national and international news channels including CBC National News, Global National, APTN, CTV National, BBC, CNN and others. Chantal has been featured on local and national radio broadcasts including 660 News, News Talk 770, CBC, Jack FM, CHQR, CJSW, Red FM and others. Chantal has also been featured in Local, National and International news print publications and websites including Calgary Sun, Calgary Herald, Calgary Journal, Metro, The Gauntlet, FFWD(no longer in print), Rabble, Huffington Post, Reuters, National Observer, Maclean's Magazine, The Reflector, and other publications. Chantal Chagnon has an extensive media contact list and writes official Media Releases for events and announcements within the community. Chantal is willing and able to speak on many issues including social justice, indigenous rights, environmentalism, MMIW, activism, feminism, politics, and more.
If you have an event and would like media promotion or public representation, please contact us.

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    Hello Collette,
    We would love to. I will contact you this week to arrange a time for us to share our songs and stories with your school. :)
  • Collette Quinn-Hall
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    Good morning Chantal. We spoke at the evening with Richard Wagamese. I am a teacher at Willow Park School Arts-Centred Learning. We spoke of the possibility of you coming to speak and sing with our students. Would you be available over the next few weeks?

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